I am used to dressing myself beautifully every time I go out. In addition to the delicate makeup, the embellishment of jewelry is of course indispensable. In addition, I often chop my hands and love to buy this and that, so there is more and more jewelry at home. Although looking at them is quite satisfying, the storage that comes with it is also a problem. After all, delicate jewelry still needs to be carefully collected.

Fortunately, I found this storage box before, oh no, it should be called a storage cabinet! The ten-layer drawer design puts all my jewelry in minutes, and the dresser is neat and tidy. Every time I pull away and push in, I feel full of ritual.

The fresh mint green tone, with the bright golden handle, is simple and eye-catching. Very wide shape, still gray. Ten-layer separation design, you can freely change the number of layers between 1-9 layers. With different intimate compartment types, watches, rings and necklaces can be placed reasonably.

With it, jewelry is no longer afraid of having no place to live.