Portable wooden jewelry box

Design highlights

Are you still troubled that the earrings are too small to be found? This portable jewelry box can help you solve your troubles easily. Whether it is an earring or a ring, it can be easily stored in a jewelry box. It is small and portable and can follow you to many places, bringing more possibilities for your travel dress.

Material analysis

Exquisite workmanship, jewelry is easily stored. It is made of imported beech wood, and the uniform texture makes the texture of the entire jewelry box look particularly good. The combination of imported solid wood and flannel will upgrade the entire jewelry box and lay the foundation for your quality life.

Functional / performance advantages

Organize the accessories in a grid and choose them at a glance, which will not bring you more burden of life. The four-corner arc design of the jewelry box is beautiful and exquisite. In addition, the space in the box is free for you to choose. It can easily meet the storage of jewelry of different sizes and bring you more convenience.