Portable wooden jewelry box

Material analysis

The designer has meticulously created it to make it simple, without any extra decoration, just to show the beauty of the original ecology. The sleek design is more refined and comfortable. The carefully selected imported pear blossoms are fresh and natural, the texture is generous and beautiful, and the quality is guaranteed.

Design highlights

Simple and elegant shape, elegant and beautiful wood pattern, warm and delicate touch. Reasonable internal separation space to meet different storage needs. High-quality flannel lining gives your jewelry the most intimate care. It doesn't take up space, and it looks good on the table. You can store all kinds of jewelry without stacking them. One is enough.

Collocation guide

Personalized bracelets, geometric earrings, minimalist Nordic style decorations, placed in this creative storage box, unique, simple square shape combined with solid wood color and texture, fresh and natural, simple and simple, more simple and restrained, fashionable personality.