Piano Paint 3 Layers Jewelry Box Solid Wooden Watch Box 12 Slots With Key



Brand: NI
Uses: travel, home storage
Pattern : Napoleon, sailing , Bird
Material: Wood
Product weight: 5 kg
Size: L 39cm * W 25cm * H 16.5 cm

  • The appearance is simple and elegant, glittering and bright, the painting is magnificent, the hand feels delicate and smooth, durable, and is the finest in the lacquerware, this is the best birthday present!
  • High-quality dehydrated wood is used as raw material, it is not easy to be deformed, it is not easy to crack, and it is fully paved for the manual process of lacquerware.
  • Metal retro lock design, showing the simple and elegant jewelry box, handmade lining, high-grade flocking fabric to protect your jewelry.
  • Perfect gift: store your jewelries, offer a neater desk; beautiful and practical, the jewelry box can be a perfect gift for your mother, girl friend, wife, daughter, colleague, friend or other special women; easy to carry around when you travel or go out.


1. Sun protection against smoke: When collecting lacquerware, care should be taken to avoid sun exposure and smoking.
2. Anti-drying, moisture-proof: avoid dryness, humidity, high temperature and low temperature. It is best to place the paint in a room with constant temperature and humidity. The air is too dry and the lacquer is easily broken; if the humidity is too high, it is easily deformed and peeled off.
3. Special care when collecting do not put lacquerware too close to the ground, and do not put on the ground where the sponge is laid.
4. Anti-scratch: When moving the lacquerware, please hold it gently. Do not bump or rub hard, sharp objects to avoid violent vibration. The longer the lacquer ware, the easier it is to loosen, and if it is not noticed it will damage it. Keep away from salt, alkali and other things that damage the paint.
5. Dustproof: There is dust on the lacquerware, which can be wiped gently with a soft brush or cotton gauze. If there is dirt on the paint surface, please wash it with detergent or gently wipe it with a small amount of cooking oil on cotton gauze.

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