Pyramid Shape Walnut Wood Jewelry Organizer



Brand: NI
Uses: travel, home storage
Colors: Black Walnut
Material: Wooden, ACRYLIC
Size: D 18cm * W 18cm * H 20cm

  • Black walnut jewelry box, simple and agile, durable and practical, simple and lightsome, square outline. Choose delicate implements, Pyramid Shape,chose a kind of delicate way of life namely, make with artistic height, even if a receive small wooden box also can make delicate artwork.

  • Perfect for organizing and displaying jewelry, crystals, trinkets and treasures.
  • Pyramid jewelry case is perfect for your personal jewelry collection or retail displays. Simple & elegant geometric prism shape .
  • Elegantly suspend the wedding rings in the middle of the Pyramid by placing them on the dainty hook that drops down from the top of the holder. So cute!

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