Automatic Wooden Double Watch Winder Box With Lock , Powered by Japanese Mabuchi Motor



Brand: NI
Uses: travel, home storage
Colors: Burlywood
Voltage: 100-240V, 50-60Hz, 0.3A, AC
Material: Walnut Wood+ PMMA
Size for One Watch: L 18.5cm * W 18.5cm * H 19cm

Weight: 1.2kg

ULTRA QUIET MOTOR---The automatic watch winder is equipped with high quality Japanese motor, which is quiet and durable. Good motors ensure every watch is wound, the watches are ready to use. The sound is only 10dB and it’s okay for you to put in at your bedroom, since it will not bother your sleeping. It also equipped with silent ball bearings to reach better silent effect, stable and efficient.

POWERFUL FUNCTIONS---5 Winding Modes with Clockwise/Counter Clockwise Rotation: To suit different winding needs and prevent watches from insufficient or over windingIt has five winding method to meet multiple purposes. Open and stop function enables you to take off your watches conveniently.

A GOOD GIFT---This watch winder is a good gift for anyone who does not wear their automatic (movement powered) watch every day. The watch winder will hold and move them in circular patterns to mimic the human motion to keep the self-winding mechanism working. The gentle rotation keeps the watch wound and ready to wear.

5 Stage Setting Modes Control Setting :


Mode 2: Rotate CLOCKWISE for 2 minutes then rest of 6 minutes, repeat.

Mode 3: Rotate COUNTERCLOCKWISE for 2 minutes then rest of 6 minutes, repeat.

Mode 4: Rotate CLOCKWISE for 2 minutes then rest of 6 minutes, Rotate COUNTERCLOCKWISE for 2 minutes then rest of 6 minutes, repeat.

Mode 5: Rotate CLOCKWISE for 5 minutes, Rotate COUNTERCLOCKWISE for 5 minutes, keep the process above 3 hours then rest of 9 hours, repeat.

Tips: Don't know what mode your watch needs?

----Start from Mode 2, monitor time accuracy, increase if need to suit your watch, thus prevent watch from over winding.

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