Vintage 3 Layers Jewelry Box Ornate Antique Finish Engraved with Lock Organizer Box


$249 $289
Color: Blue

Brand: NI
Uses: Home storage
Colors: Blue, Green, White, Red
Material: Metal
Product weight: 2 kg
Size: L 21cm * W 15cm * H 19.5 cm (Overall height)

  • Material: Metallic, Rustless, Fadeless.
  • Surface Design: Floral Engraved Surface with Flowers Pattern Carvings. Exquisite Engraved Handcraft Antique Metallic Floral.

  • Durable Inside: Lined with Velvet Three Layers Dividers inside;  Top layer with 3 compartments to arrange your beloved Rings, Earrings, Bracelets, Necklaces Separately. The Second layer is 1 bigger compartment without dividers for holding larger jewelry. The third floor has two compartment,which can arrange your jewelry in a comfortable position.

  • Versatility: Particularly Suitable for Birthday, Exquisite Gift, Retro Collector, Wedding Centerpieces, Special Occasions, Anniversaries, Decor Dresser.
  • Safe: The jewelry box is of excellent layout, lock with key adds elegance and security.

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